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Redlands and Area Buzz is a free service brought to you by Jessica and Justin Bouzane of the Results Group in Redlands, CA. The goal was to create a website that would bring the community together by letting area residents (and visitors alike) know about the services available in the community, exciting events taking place, entertainment options, and more.
To that end, we created Redlands and Area Buzz. We are operating under two primary principles:
1. Any local business can join, and connect any and all social accounts your business has, to your Redlands and Area Buzz page. We even offer local businesses opportunities to create profile pages that visitors to the area and platform can find with a simple search or by browsing through their category options.
2. A central location where the people who call Redlands home, as well as those who are “just visiting,” can go to find a list of local businesses, learn what’s going on in the community, and get discounts on local goods and services.
The site is free for businesses and visitors alike and offers opportunities for tremendous growth to participating area businesses.

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