Jessica and Justin are deeply committed to helping fuel growth throughout the Redlands area. Jessica is all about living a life of service to the community and believes the entire community is strengthened when local businesses prosper.

She believes Redlands and Area Buzz is a conduit local businesses can tap into to spread the word about exciting things happening for them, offer loyal customers discounts, and help to get the word out about the many exciting things happening within the Redlands area community.

Justin discovered his passion for both real estate and helping others through a job in which he helped distressed homeowners modify their existing mortgages so they could keep their homes.
Today, he prefers other roles within the real estate industry that involve helping people find the homes of their dreams throughout Redlands and the surrounding area.
He believes Redlands and Area Buzz  will not only help people buying homes in the area connect quickly to local businesses, services, retailers, and resources, but also to help visitors to the area discover the many hidden gems the Redlands area has to offer.

How Businesses Can Become Part of Redlands and Area Buzz

The first step in joining this community that will bring businesses, residents, and visitors to the Redlands, CA area together is to register your business by visiting the Redlands and Area Buzz registration page. Once there you will be asked for the following information:
• Your business name as you wish it to appear in the listing.
• A username for you or your designated representatives.
• An email address where you can be contacted.
• The password you wish to use. Remember your password needs to unique and memorable.
You will then need to confirm your password by typing it a second time.
Then click the black “register” button.
We’ve gone out of our way to make the process as simple as possible so all businesses from the area who wish to join our community will be able to do so.
How Visitors Can Use the Site for Information about the Redlands Area
Visitors and Redlands residents alike will find much to love about the Redlands and Area Buzz community once they become involved. Not only is it laid out in a visually pleasing fashion where you can see a wide range of new and updated information, but you can search by categories to find specific businesses, events, etc. you’re looking for.
Current categories include a range of local businesses and services, such as:
• Banking
• Legal
• Local Business
• Real Estate
• Non-Profit
• Restaurant
We anticipate adding many more categories to our offerings as more businesses join the community and get involved. The idea, after all, is to create a venue online for area businesses to spread the word about what’s going on with their customers and people who might like to become their customers.
In other words, we want you to show us, and our guests, what you’ve got that we’re going to fall in love with. We hope you’ll find other businesses in the community just waiting for you to fall in love with them as well.

Five Ways Redlands Area Visitors Will Find Us Indispensable

Visitors to the area sometimes need a little help finding their way around. We believe Redlands is filled with warm, welcoming people and businesses. But, many people never manage to discover the various hidden gems in the area because they don’t know where to look. Redlands and Area Buzz changes all that for visitors to the area. It offers a wealth of information in one convenient location for those who may be looking for things that often fall within the following five categories:
1. Local entertainment and attractions. This includes things like local theater performances, hot bands playing in restaurants and bars, move theaters, museums, monuments, and etc.
2. Lodging. People visiting the area often find it charming and want to stay for the night, the weekend, or even longer. They’re going to want to find lodging and accommodations for their stays.
3. Food and Drink. Whether you’re a local pizza joint or a fine dining establishment that caters to the upwardly mobile crowd, you’ll find your ideal audience at Redlands and Area Buzz.
4. Gas stations, conveniences, and services. Sometimes, people are simply looking for a nearby place to fill up their tanks and grab a few fast snacks for the next part of their journeys.
5. Shopping. Never underestimate the powerful pull of shopping to visitors from near and far. People are always looking for quaint new shops to try for clothing, novelties, jewelry, household goods, art, and more.
You will find all these things and more when you browse through the offerings at Redlands and Area Buzz.

Five Ways Locals Will come to Rely on Redlands and Area Buzz

We believe our site offers even more to those who call Redlands home. You are the people who make this community work and we want you to become part of our community as well. The more you use our community the more it will have to offer you over time. These five are outstanding starters:
1. Real estate and rental information. Whether you’re in the market for your dream home or just checking out the local landscape to see what kinds of real estate deals and/or rentals are available, we believe this will become your “go to” resource for all things real estate in time.
2. Local business. Communities of all sizes rely on the local business owners to provide the goods and services that keep them going. We want this to be your one stop shop to find a vet for your pet, a plumber for your pipers, and any car services you may need along the way.
3. Banking. Banks are essential in communities of all shapes and sizes. Not simply for services like checking and savings accounts, but also for lending money to small businesses for growth and expansion, sponsoring local schools and community groups, and supporting those who are preparing to buy their first homes, refinance, and more.
4. Food and drink. Visitors aren’t the only people who need a place to grab a bite to eat or a nice drink after hours. Local residents need these services as well. We hope you’ll find plenty of restaurants to keep you well fed for quite a while through our community.
5. Community information. This includes things like events in local parks, museum open houses, information about local schools. And even information about summer camps for children and fun things to do for families, children, and/or older adults within the community.

Are you ready to change the way you see Redlands forever? We certainly hope so. Whether you’re a business looking for new and exciting ways to fuel your growth, local residents seeking to take advantage of all the resources the community has to offer, or visitors looking for your next favorite escape, Redlands and Area Buzz is the first place you need to go on your journey.