Redlands is a city which recognizes the social importance of supporting its local artists and recognizing the significance of their work, something clearly evident through the extensive different pieces of artwork which can be found throughout the city. From the downtown area, to throughout its schools which proudly display countless murals and different pictures made by local artists, the City of Redlands is one which has strongly embraced the creative work of its citizens. Below is a list of some of the most visited artworks in the city.

Orange Street Alley

There are currently eight murals alone painted in what has come to be known as one of the most visited areas of Redlands, Orange Street Alley. Since its renovation and redesign in 2015, the Orange Street Alley has become a cultural hub for tourists and locals alike who come to see the beautiful artwork and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere it presents. On any given day people can be seen taking a stroll down the colorful and umbrella covered walk, enjoying a delicious meal on one of the outdoor patios, or taking a picture in front of one of the many inspiring works of art. It’s an absolute must-see for anyone visiting the area!


Artworks off 6th Street

Running through the middle of the downtown Redlands area lies 6th street, a street which most locals have come to known all too well for the plethora of rememberable murals and paintings which adorn its sides. Off 6th street, namely between Redlands boulevard and where it runs into Vine street, there are over 15 different art installations which exemplify many of the cities largest and most significant events or historical sights. Some examples include murals depicting the annual Run Through Redlands, 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, University of Redlands buildings, and orange groves.


Alley off 5th Street

In the small alley between what is now Back Alley Coffee (formerly Augie’s Coffee) and the back of Emerson & Farrar jewelers, lies what is perhaps the densest installation of art in the city. Within this small walkway and the surrounding area, lies 14 different kinds of painted artwork put together by local artists ranging from landscapes to cats and portraits of women. This is also the location where local authors gather once a week for an evening reading of their latest poetry and writings.


Redlands Art Association

The Redlands Art Association was founded in 1964 and was created to support the visual arts in the City of Redlands and surrounding communities. They have a gallery located in the downtown area on State street where they showcase a large variety of artworks from local artists that are available for purchase. Here they also offer classes, programs, workshops and demonstrations teaching people about different forms of visual arts. The Redlands Art Association Slot Gacor Hari Ini is also responsible for putting on an annual art festival in which hundreds of artists from the area submit their works for showcasing and purchasing.



The mission of Artlands is to validate local artists by offering them a platform to showcase and sell their works in the Artlands gallery and shop in downtown Redlands. They work to create a thriving economic environment for artists by connecting them with work through partnerships with local businesses and by hosting workshops, classes, and events.


Downtown Redlands Art Walk

The Downtown Redlands Artwalk is a bi-annual event hosted on the streets and shops in historic downtown Redlands. In addition to allowing many local artists to present their works for sale, the walk also features live music, food, as well as a beer and wine garden.