Redlands Community Hospital

Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote an environment where members of our community can receive high quality care and service so they can maintain and be restored to good health. We will accomplish our mission by interacting with the following groups:

Our Patients
Our patients are not just customers, but are fellow humans in need. From their first encounter, we will treat our patients with dignity and compassion, comfort their family and friends, and endeavor to make their stay with us rewarding as possible. We will provide whatever services we can, in and outside of the hospital, to maintain and restore the health of those who come to us for care.

Our Physicians
We shall strive to anticipate and meet the needs of the physicians who have chosen to affiliate with our Hospital. Together with us, they shall govern themselves and continue to maintain and assure a superior standard of conduct and patient care.

Our Employees
Our employees are health professionals, trained not just to accomplish their job, but to realize that the purpose of every job is to benefit the patient.

Our Associates
Those who have had the faith in us to invest in our future and those with whom we do business deserve a return of that trust. We shall conduct our business efficiently for that purpose.

Our Community
We are an integral part of our community. Therefore, we will listen to our community and its leaders to help us assess the community’s health needs and we will work with them to develop a plan to address those needs to the best of our abilities and resources.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be recognized for the quality of service we provide and our attention to patient care. We want to remain an independent, not-for-profit, full-service community hospital and to continue to be the major health care provider in our primary area of East San Bernardino Valley as well as the hospital of choice for our medical staff. We recognize the importance of remaining a financially strong organization and will take the necessary actions to ensure that we can fulfill this vision.

Our Values
We Are Committed To Serving Our Community.
Our services will make a difference in the quality of life in the communities we serve. It is our responsibility to assess the needs of our patients, physicians, employees, and others, and, to the best of our ability and resources, respond to those needs.

Our Community Deserves The Best We Can Offer.
We will provide efficient caring services to our patients and others in a courteous and professional way. We will strive to provide high quality, cost-efficient health care. We will continue to develop new services and eliminate obstacles to demonstrate our commitment of being responsive to the needs of our community.

Our Organization Will Be A Good Place To Work.
As an organization, we value the participation of each employee, physician, volunteer, and Board member. We will encourage suggestions, listen attentively, and follow through. Recognizing the importance of everyone who works here, we expect to treat one another, and to be treated, with respect and a sense of importance of team work. Our greatest asset is the people who are committed to our organization.

Our Organization Will Be Financially Strong.
We will be a financially strong and creative organization with the people, facilities, and finances to provide our best service. We will create and maintain a financial environment that will support and encourage our values.

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