Market Night

Every Thursday night from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, the City of Redlands hosts a market in the heart of downtown on State street between Orange and Ninth. Hundreds of local vendors all gather to sell a variety of different things ranging from fresh, organic produce to face painting and different artworks. Visitors are welcomed into an inviting atmosphere complete with historic buildings, charming shops, and pleasant crowds.

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  1. Such a Fun Event

    Market night is so much fun. I really enjoy coming here with the family on a week night just to get out and walk around. They have a lot of really fun vendors and sell a lot of great things you sometimes wouldn’t expect to see. I feel good buying things here because it gives me the chance to support a lot of my fellow Redlands residents. OH, and the food you can find here is almost always amazing also!

  2. Me and my husband love coming to Market Night. It’s so nice to see the community consistently coming together and makes for a nice little weekly outing. For a being a small, local market, they actually have quite a few different vendors selling a variety of different things. They also will usually have different things for kids to do as well if you’re bringing little ones. Overall a very fun, family-friendly event I’d certainly recommend people visit.

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