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We didn’t set out to create just another create-your-own pizzeria. We’re here to nourish and inspire — to serve creativity — and celebrate people coming together to connect. It’s a bigger vision. One filled with purpose. For pizza, people and passion.

Before we embarked on our create-your-own pizza experience, our story began in the kitchen, with our founder, his wife and daughters, and a plan to share time together. From that day on, Pieology would forever be a fresh retreat from the everyday hustle and bustle — where the only thing more important than quality food is quality people to share it with.

2 reviews

  1. Love the pizza here. Can’t get anymore fresh than having the food made right in front of you!

  2. In my opinion, this place is essentially the Chipotle of pizza. It’s laid out in a similar fashion and you build your pizza along a line of ingredients similar to how chipotle does. Ingredients are pretty fresh and I have never had any issues when I’ve come. Really enjoy being able to make the pizza however you like and adding or removing whatever you want. They’re also quick in regards to how long it takes them to cook your pizza. Would recommend any of my fellow pizza lovers at least give this place a chance.

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Orange Street 623
Redlands 92374 CA US
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