Redlands is a city which has come to be known throughout Southern California for the plethora of beautiful and historic homes it presents, constructed in a variety of different designs from Victorian to Modern and more contemporary. Below is a summary of some of the unique areas of real estate visible throughout the city today, however if you would like a complete and comprehensive guide to many of the historic homes in the city, including maps of most, you can find it by going on the Redlands Area Historical Society webpage at

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Smiley Heights

An exclusive residential area consisting entirely of single-family dwellings in the hilly area southwest of Redlands. This area provides beautiful views of San Timoteo Canyon and the Redlands/San Bernardino Valley.

West Redlands

Most of the homes here are less than 45 years old (with some notable exceptions) and are in a green, well-established part of town with mature plantings. Close to Redlands Community Hospital, this in a beautiful area.

East Redlands

This rapidly growing area is a mix of citrus trees and newer homes with some light industry. The area is at the far east side of Redlands, providing easy access to nearby mountains, but it is still convenient for shopping in downtown Redlands. Great mountain views.

Wimbledon Heights

A somewhat hilly area consisting almost entirely of large, custom-built homes and tracts. Views of the mountains and the valley are excellent. This area lies against the southeastern city limits.

South Redlands

Popular and well-established residential area of Redlands. Homes were built from the 1880s through the 1950s and later, with a wide range of sizes and architectural styles. Most of this area is zoned for single-family residences. Area offers scenic views of the mountains. You’ll find the widest variety of homes in this area including Victorians, craftsman style homes, newer ranch-style dwellings, and even several beautiful adobe homes.

Downtown Redlands

A few residences are scattered throughout this section, although most of the area has been developed for commercial use. The homes in the area are almost all older but nicely maintained. The local merchants, together with the city’s redevelopment program, have put a lot of work into developing a charming shopping area with unique, tree-shaded streets and brick-paved sidewalks.

University East

Numerous apartments, smaller comfortable homes, and proximity to the University of Redlands are the advantages of this area. The Mill Creek Zanja, an ancient man-made stream nearly 200 years old also runs quietly through the area and behind some of the homes.

The University of Redlands

This is a charming older neighborhood that was built between 1920 and 1950. This region consists of smaller, attractive homes and well-kept lawns. The closeness to the university makes this a convenient area to live for faculty members and students. A variety of activities at the university, from cultural to academic to athletic, make living here appealing.

Crescent Heights

Much of the terrain here is steep, giving most of the homes plenty of privacy. The area has lush greenery and is home to both older custom homes and to a handful of smaller homes with beautiful views of the mountains and the valley. You will find Spanish adobe and homes reminiscent of English country cottages as well as a few in the craftsman style. In the winter when snow caps the local mountains, the scenery is stunning.

Redlands Country Club

An exclusive area in the southern hills of Redlands. The area boasts large custom homes on large lots and some new homes mixed with older ones. This area has beautiful views to the south of San Timoteo Canyon, a relatively unpopulated area still lush with greenery.

North Redlands

This sprawling area is mainly made up of family-oriented homes. There is a sense of community and place here, evidenced by the busy Community Park and baseball fields. At the northernmost end of this area are citrus groves and several large old “grove houses” owned by citrus ranchers and still standing after a century.

North Central Redlands

This is a stable, older neighborhood with a mixture of modest housing styles. The southern border is directly adjacent to the freeway and the commercial downtown areas of Redlands. North central Redlands has been established for some 80 years and is generally zoned for single-family dwellings.


An incorporated town situated in the hills southeast of Redlands and about 1,000 feet higher in elevation. There are both houses and apartments for rent regularly in Yucaipa. Winter brings an occasional dusting of snow, and the area offers panoramic views of both the mountains and Redlands.

Apartment Areas

Apartments in Redlands vary widely in price and size. There are units ranging in size from studios to four bedrooms. Many complexes offer amenities such as washers and dryers within each residential unit, and some of the more luxurious complexes offer gated entry, alarms in each unit, and large clubhouses with fitness centers and other organized recreational activities.